Social Media Strategy

Strategizing & streamlining your online business

1.Your social media marketing & branding process aligned with your customized plan

2. Strategies for creating your brand awareness and brand visibility through social media & digital marketing

3. Building and growing your brand audience & diverting them to your business

4. Managing your digital reputation and online brand influence

5. Driving the optimized use of your social media platforms

6. Building & setting up a streamlined online process for your business

7. Setting up marketing integrations to scale your online business

8. Creating your unique brand identity in the digital world

9. Aligning your personal brand with your business brand

10. Empowering entrepreneurs to manage their digital success blueprint

Social Media Consulting

Your strategic social media plan

1. Social Media Platform development, customization & automation

2. Call to action strategy for business conversion

3. Social Media funnel for selling online product or services

4. Content marketing model

5. Social media advertising plan

6. Creative and theme-based designs

7. Website traffic strategies

8. Social Media process automation

9. E-mail marketing system

10. Customer CRM and payment integrations

Website development

Development & Management

1.Website development (Personal brand, small business, and online store)

2. Content optimization of a website

3. Home page brand optimization

4. Google tools(SEO, Analytics, Webmaster)

5. Branding designs and creative

6. Marketing integrations and plugins

7. Training the owner for website management

Online Courses

Learn social media, topic includes

1. Personal branding

2. Social media marketing & branding

3. Organic lead generation

4. Content marketing

5. Social media strategy

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Social Media

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