Social media profiling & platform optimization | Quote ID: IBC01

1. Social Media Platform development, customization & brand optimization

2. Call to action strategy for traffic conversion

3. Customized Social Media funnel for the organic lead flow system

4. Digital profiling to enhance your social media brand

5. Lead magnet & lead capture strategy implementation

Social Media Services

Social Media Profiling & Optimization

e-learning system/ LMS


Online Course Funnel & E-learning System

Strategizing, streamlining & automating e-learning system | Quote ID: IBC02

1. Building & setting up a streamlined e-learning  process

2. Creating your Customized marketing funnel

3. Business Automation & email marketing tools integration

4. Aligning your personal brand website with your e-school

5. Platform customization and brand optimization


Website Designing

Personal Brand Website Designing

Development, Designing & Optimization | Quote ID: IBC03

1.Website development & Designing (For trainers, coaches, consultants, freelancers & entrepreneurs)

2. Content and brand optimization of a website

3. Marketing integrations, plugins & SEO

4. Mobile optimization of the website

5. Onboarding training to the owner for website self-management

Business Automation

Solopreneurs' Business Automation

Strategising, streamlining and automating your business | Quote ID: IBC04

1. Lead capture and Appointment Booking automation

2. Proposal and service invoicing automation setup

3. Payment integration and follow-ups

4. Zoom meeting integration with automation

5. On-boarding of the owner with automation tools and process


Social Media Training

Online Courses

Learn social media, topic includes

1. Personal branding

2. Social media marketing & branding

3. Organic lead generation

4. Content marketing

5. Website development